Noah’s Animals


Posted by Eithne King | Posted in Religion | Posted on August 10, 2016

We have started to learn about stories from the Old Testament. One of our favourite stories so far has been ‘Noah’s Ark. We wrote about some of his animals.

Noah’s Animals on PhotoPeach

Mary MacKillop


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On Monday we celebrated the feast day of Mary MacKillop. We learned all about Mary and shared our learning with 5/6BB.




5/6 ‘Scratch’ projects


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On Monday, we visited the Grade 5/6s and they shared their special presentations they have made for us about animals using the coding program ‘Scratch’.  We gave them some feedback about their project.  When they have made all their changes and are ready to publish, we will be able to watch and learn about so many animals.  We are so excited!

5/6s sharing their ‘Scratch’ Projects on PhotoPeach



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Last Friday we celebrated our 100th day at school.  What a great day to celebrate being 100 days smarter!


  • dressed up
  • did 100 exercises on the 100th minute on the 100th day
  • brought in bags that had 100 items in them
  • read the story “One is a Snail, 10 is a Crab”
  • ate 100s and 1000s fairy bread
  • sang Happy 100th day at school before eating delicious cupcakes!

100th Day at School on PhotoPeach

School Concert


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WOW! Did you see our little Irish Dancers? What superstars they were dancing to Irish tunes on stage.

Abigail- I liked singing and dancing at the concert

Eliza- I liked the song ‘Consider Yourself’

William.B- I liked it when the people clapped

Max.S- I liked it when we were singing our song



cert on PhotoPeach

The Creation Story


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We have been learning about the stories from the Old Testament in the bible. We have been reading and discovering the story about Creation. We showed this story through our beautiful illustrations.

The Creation Story on PhotoPeach

We have also been talking about the different ways we need to look after God’s Creations.  We can look after God’s creations in the following ways.

Deklin- by looking after our pets

Lily Mae- we need to take care of our friends

Sofia- if there’s rubbish on the ground  then pick it up

Grace- we need to try to not waste water

Cohen- make sure you water your plants

Cate- keep rubbish away from the sea so the sea animals stay safe



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Hi everyone and welcome to Prep KW’s 2016  blog!

We hope you enjoy reading and seeing about the great things we are learning and celebrating in our class.

Sometimes we will pose you a question, and you’ll see these in red!

We would love to hear what you think, know or do, so leave us a comment!

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Enjoy our blog!  We will share lots of our learning and the fun we have on the way!

Prep KW Stars

Prayer Celebration


Posted by Eithne King | Posted in Religion | Posted on November 24, 2014

On Thursday afternoon we invited our families to come and join us in our prayer celebration. We found a quiet place outside to share our very own prayer bags with our families. We placed our prayer cloth and cross down, lit our candle, and used our prayer beads to say the Our Father and Hail Mary. We also shared some prayers that we have written on our own.


Great learning and fun in Prep KW!


Posted by Eithne King | Posted in General | Posted on October 20, 2014

Each morning after we have unpacked our bags and have completed our morning jobs, we get to choose to learn and discover with others in some new areas in our room. We are loving our Challenge, Discovery and our Writing areas, just to name a few.

Our new morning routine! on PhotoPeach

Our Brilliant Bodies


Posted by Eithne King | Posted in Inquiry | Posted on October 13, 2014

This term our Inquiry unit is about ‘Our Brilliant Bodies’ and we are going to be investigating how our bodies work and why we have so many parts both inside and outside our bodies. We started by sharing the things we already know about our bodies.


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